why ireland?

Thinking about starting a crypto-related business in Europe? Ireland’s Crypto Coast is an ideal location to build a strong foundation.

  • A thriving venture capital economy. Measured on a per capita basis, Ireland has more venture funding available than in any other country in Europe. Over €800M is available through seed, venture and angel capital firms.*

  • Access to world-class talent. Ireland is renowned for having a flexible, dynamic and multilingual workforce that are well educated. A European commission study of third level education in 2010 stated that Ireland produced “the most highly employable graduates in the world”.*

  • A stepping stone to Europe, the Middle East and America. Our size means easy access and close proximity to transport systems and airports. Our location means we are the closest EU country to the US, are within a maximum of three hours from all European cities and less than eight hours from Middle Eastern centres of business like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.*

  • A wonderful place to live. The quality of life in Ireland, coupled with the prestige of potential employers means that there is a constant pool of highly experienced people available for work. Our beautiful coastline and forestry are easily accessible and provide a stunning backdrop from which to build a business.*

*Enterprise Ireland; Start in Ireland And Take On The World, Oct '12.