Our Blockchain ecosystem

The past year has seen an explosion of interest in blockchain technologies globally and here in Ireland. Our regulators, policymakers, educators, for and not for profit organisations and technology entrepreneurs are being engaged in direct communication to guide the public dialogue about blockchain technology through bodies like The Blockchain Association of Ireland. Across the country, hundreds of attendees are benefitting from a wide range of industry-led meet-ups, events and conferences, resulting in an open discourse and an informed society on crypto-related subjects. There is a strong culture emerging in Ireland, supporting, developing and influencing start-ups and established business in the blockchain sector. Our universities have embraced this ethos, with Dublin City University hosting Ireland’s first blockchain hackathon, Chainhack, in November 2016. Already, the country is home to a vibrant FinTech industry, which along with our economy is growing year on year. Ireland is well on course to become an epicentre for blockchain innovation.