About NFT screenshots

The NFT craze is one of the most significant technological trends of our time. Every day, we read about digital artwork fetching enormous sums of money. This has become a motivating factor for creatives, as they seek to replicate the success of artists, musicians, and crypto-enthusiasts who sell memes and avatars at high prices on NFT marketplaces. For an in-depth understanding of NFTs, our CEO Mykhailo Sitalo has written the ultimate guide, which you can check out.

Despite the hype, some still consider NFTs to be a bubble and believe that taking a screenshot of a picture is enough to claim its value. In this discussion, we delve deeper into this topic and explore whether it's illegal to screenshot NFTs. We also touch on some copyright and NFT-related issues that will be helpful for both newcomers and experienced users.

NFTs, as non-fungible tokens on a blockchain network, provide identity and exclusive rights to an object. There's a lot of debate on social media about whether owning NFTs is worthwhile. Many enthusiasts believe in the potential of NFTs for digital artwork, as the concept of uniqueness adds to the product's value. Thus, original memes and handmade highlights, not screenshots, from events are sold at high prices, as buyers determine their artistic worth.

Let's discuss the legality of screenshotting NFTs. As long as the screenshot is not sold, passed off as original work, published for financial gain, or physically copied, it is legal. However, violating any of these conditions could result in copyright infringement or other legal repercussions.

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Regarding copyright laws, purchasing an NFT does not currently provide the buyer with basic intellectual property rights, such as the right to prevent third-party use or screenshotting of the work. The author or seller of an NFT does not forfeit their rights to the original object, such as a painting, and can distribute copies after the sale. Some argue that this fact allows people to claim that screenshotting NFTs is equivalent to owning the original, but this is a contentious point in the crypto community.